Finding ways to show the beauty in people 
is  what I enjoy doing most. 



Event Photography

Action shots (showing you at work)

Social Media Photos

Team Photos

Headshots (formal or casual)

Senior Photos 



I love working with small business owners to help them build a library of photos that show off who they are and what they do.  While it's cliche that a photo is worth a thousand words it's also incredibly true.  

I love the process which often starts  with someone who does not feel comfortable having their photo taken.  I work with them to understand their business, make a shot list, determine what photographic styles they like. 100% of the time they finish by saying that was much more fun than they anticipated.

I also work to do this affordably and charge by the hour instead of a set session fee.  This way you can build your library slowly over time based on what your budget allows.  


Whether this is a Christmas light tour, a 5K, a speaking engagement, or a gala - don't let these memories go undocumented!  As a business owner you want to get the most milage possible out of the events you host to show social proof of people engaging with you and your business.  

Travel & Landscapes

I absolutely LOVE to travel and there is no better way to remember a trip than through photos.  

Wicklow Mountains frosted
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Iceland Glacial Lagoon
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Ireland near Kinsale
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Flowers in the Fall
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Beautiful Bike in Roma
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Sunflowers backed by blue
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Fall colors at their best
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Yellow Accents
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Montmartre street art
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Lyon Magnolias
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Just a Kiss
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Lyon Rivers Sculpture
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