Social Media is a must to get your name out there but just how do you go about creating compelling content and ensure the right people are seeing it?

I work with clients to answer these questions and more.  It all starts with evaluating where they are now, which social channels are right given their target consumer and their business type, and then ensuring we have a strategy to reach them.  

Channels like Facebook and Instagram also have endless targeting tools which can help you reach your prospective consumers on any budget.  

If you are feeling burnt out with developing social media content or want to start leveraging advertising across the platforms then I would love to hear from you!

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Staying top of mind with your consumers is absolutely key and one of the most cost effective and proven methods to do this is with a drip campaign.

These campaigns are a great way to cross-sell and upsell your current customers, and to help leads become customers.

I've used many platforms to deploy these campaigns including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Kajabi, BNTouch, Pardot, and Kartra and because I know the fundamentals it's not hard for me to learn an entirely new platform if you are using something different.  

I work with clients to identify core segments of consumers to target and develop compelling messaging for them.  Sometimes I also craft the messaging and other times they write a draft and I help by 'marketingize' it.  

Finally I help them analyze the response from consumers and course correct as needed to ensure their emails are as compelling as possible.

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Having a website that reflects who you are and what your company is about is a non-negotiable.  Having a site that is difficult to navigate, has poorly organized information or that just looks outdated will most certainly cost you sales.

However undertaking a new website can be an extremely daunting and expensive task.  While I don't have HTML experience I have used Squarespace and Wix to build beautiful websites that you can actually maintain yourself once it is up and running.

Many times we can repurpose a lot of what you already have and it's just an opportunity to do a bit of content spring cleaning and reorganizing.

I also have experience building stand alone landing pages to help capture new leads or to have an updated look and feel without investing in an entirely new website.

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When building a brand and promoting yourself it sometimes seems like you need an endless stream of sales materials.  

I work with clients to create original content and versioning at an affordable hourly rate (vs. many agencies which will charge you nearly the same price as the original for a new version).

These may be printed or digital materials, but no matter the need we'll create something compelling that will help you grow your business.

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Many entrepreneurs begin working with clients 1 on 1 and over the years the acquire a massive knowledge base that can benefit others and create extra income for them.

This may seem like a daunting task but there are many platforms that actually make it quite easy.  I can help you distill your and organize knowledge into segments, create videos, and organize and promote your online course so that in no time you can be passively earning income!


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