Creating Compelling Video Content

Nothing tells a story quite like video, and in today's crowded marketplace it is a MUST to have compelling video content to capture the eye of prospective customers.  I work with clients to help them tell their story.  

I'm all about customization so I can be very hands on with the development, filming, and editing or I can just help you with one piece of that.  Below are some samples of the work I have done, and the stories behind them.

My client Betsy wanted my help to create promotional material to raise awareness of her online course Balance Not Burnout.    We filmed the promotional videos and the course contents at my house using my 'stage' {aka my living room} and created this particular video to help shine light on the need for change in the work culture of education.

Visuals are a POWERFUL way to get your message across and while that's important in any industry it's especially true in Real Estate.  I created this video for a realtor client of mine and we were simply able to repurpose the photos she had already had taken for the listing.  By leveraging some 'pan and zoom' magic we created movement and the illusion that we were giving a virtual tour of the home. 

Everyone loves a bloopers reel and when you film a whole online course with a husband and wife who have known each other since they were 13 you have plenty of hilarious content to fill it with!

We leverage this video to help raise awareness of the online course Couples Connection: How to keep the Spark Alive

Nothing captures the essence of a wedding quite like a video.  The day flies by and it can be so special to have something to look back on to remember all the details!

Photo slideshows are a fantastic way to tell a story.  I did this one for my grandfather's memorial service, but I've also done them for weddings, anniversaries, or just to document a special year.  I can incorporate photos or videos and the content doesn't have to be digitized.