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How to find your ideal senior picture photographer

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

These are photos that live up on the wall for eons and you have to take them at a time in your life when you may not feel so beautiful.

To take the best possible senior pictures it's really important that you feel comfortable, and that you can trust that the photographer will show you in the best possible light (figuratively and literally).

I always like to start by having my clients create a pintrest board with photos they like. Then I go through them with the client to understand what they like about each photo/pose. We settle on some must haves and it gives me great insight into possible insecurities we might want to work around.

The reason some photographers don't love senior photos is because you're answering to 2 clients- the parents and the student. My personal preference is to have the parent in on the brainstorming session but to take the photos with just me and the senior. Parents as well intentioned as they might be tend to chime in with lots of 'suggestions' and can put the subject a bit on edge. Seriously picture yourself you senior year- how receptive were you to a parents suggestions?

I know the parent is paying for the session so I want to make sure we get the poses they want, but sometimes the best way to accomplish that is to have a closed session so the senior feels most at ease.

My strategy isn't for everyone but I work to make whoever I am photographing feel beautiful and special. I want to show you in your best possible light and everyone deserves to feel beautiful. The name of the game for me is flexibility and not being on a strict time schedule. We might take 3-4 hours scouting spots and stopping along the way to capture the ideal photos. Also when it comes to outdoor photography time of day is key and you definitely want some golden hour shots.

Below is my senior photo session with my cousin Kayla. I seriously adore this girl and she was game for anything. We toured areas around my family cabin looking for interesting backgrounds and I even made her take some corny shots (peeking around a tree, hand out in a stop sign) to help loosen her up and make her giggle. My favorites are the ones where it looks fun and candid like she was caught at the best possible angle having a fabulous time!

So if this style and strategy appeals to you reach out and we can set something up for this summer/fall to capture you feeling your most beautiful!

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