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Improve your video skills by embracing your inner child

As adults we often over think things when it comes to what video content to share with our audience.

This is a problem for several reasons. For one, it causes us to put out less content. Secondly we end up getting disappointed when this content we spent FOREVER creating gets minimal interaction.

Now don't get me wrong there is a time and place for beautiful produced content, and there is virtue in letting go of perfectionism.

Yesterday I got the chance to hang out with the very AWESOME Elsie featured here in this video. We started chatting about how fun sidewalk chalk is and all of the great things you could do with it. She started experimenting by pouring water over the chalk to make a sparkly colorful puddle.

I told her I loved how she was like a scientist, and that she should create a how to video and she just LIT UP. In 20 minutes she had created 5 different videos showing the versatility of sidewalk chalk. She decided she would create her own youtube channel called Elsie the Scientist and do fun sciency things for other kids to do.

I mean....... where do I begin?

There is so much we can learn from kids. She didn't take the time to go change into a clean dress, brush her hair, adjust the lighting, brainstorm the perfect angle, create an outline, and do multiple takes to get her message just right. Instead she just went for it.

I work with so many adults who HATE getting in front of the camera. It's a big production getting the messaging just right, they don't like watching themselves, they don't like how they sound or look, I could go on and on.

Which begs the question.....

At what age does our insecurity and self criticism overcome our ability to do things with abandon? And arguably more importantly- how do we get this back?

So the next time you find yourself overthinking a video or not even doing a video because it feels too scary, embrace your inner Elsie and just do it! (or call me and I will give you a good pep talk to get you there ;-) )

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