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Taking control- one little bit at a time

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Because I'm a total stats nerd I looked up how this February compares to other years and this is the MOST snow that has fallen in February since 1884, in fact it's a whole 10 inches ahead of second place....... It also is the 6th snowiest month of ALL time since records were kept in 1884 (check out the bottom of the post for the 5 snowier months and the top 10 snowiest winters of all time)

Plus normally we have an epic snow storm and that is what drives up the total but this has been the month of the 3x/week storm doling it out a little at a time, just enough to definitely have to shovel.

Snowfall sorted by snowiest Februaries

Generally I try not to let things I can't change get me down but if I'm being honest the amount of snow we've gotten so quickly has been SERIOUSLY impacting my mood. For one- my snowblower is broken due to my not using it in 3 years because I'm usually over in Europe during this time of year (cue the violins).

Constantly having to deal with this has been an important lesson in taking control of your circumstance. I realized that for a whole month I've let a weather forecast impact my mood when I could have done something about it. I've put off getting it fixed because I didn't know how I was going to bring it into the repair shop (it weighs a ton and only kind of fits in my small SUV) and of course I didn't want to think about what the repair bill would be.

Finally today I just pushed through and did something about it. Turns out small engine repair places will come to your house and pick it up for a fee, and the monetary damage is likely (hopefully?) less than I had though it would be according to the kind people at the repair shop.

So lesson learned? Ignorance is not bliss, and if something feels out of your control but is impacting your mood figure out something you can do to change it. There is very little that is truly out of our control especially when we employ out of the box thinking to really change our circumstances. This applies to a toxic relationship, an unenjoyable job, or anything else you feel you're just 'putting up with' on a day to day basis.

Do you have a problem in your life that is routinely causing you dread or impacting your mood? Is there anything you feel like you're just putting up with because you have no other choice?

Based on my experience there is a solution to every problem if you get creative enough in your problem solving. Why is this thing causing you unhappiness? Really dig to the core of the issue.

Are you frequently annoyed with a specific person? Does it feel like your job is sucking the life out of you?

Why is this bothering you so much? Keep asking why until you get at a bigger reason. Does it make you feel:

  • Unappreciated?

  • Taken advantage of?

  • Like nothing you're doing really matters?

Now for the fun part take that 'essence' of the problem, the deep why, and ask yourself "What can I do to change one simple part of this?"

One thing I did at a job I didn't like was to change up where I was working. I didn't have access to natural light and it was really affecting me so I went to work in the break room for as long as my laptop battery would last. This change in scenery broke up my day and gave me back some control.

Or if a relationship is the issue try to pick 1 or two things you would most like to see change to see the relationship improve and write them down as if in a letter to the other person. You don't need to send it, or have the conversation right now, but simply writing it down is the first step in building up to it.

When we feel sad or depressed because we essentially feel stuck due to circumstances out of our control, taking back a smidgen of control can make all the difference. It's a sliver of hope. It's that lifeline that can snowball into more and more meaningful change until the issue is under control.

Top 5 snowiest months since 1884:

#1 Nov 1991 46.9in.

#2 Jan 1982 46.4in.

#3 March 1951 40.0in

#4 March 1965 37.1in.

#5 March 1985 36.8in.

Top 10 Snowiest winters since 1884:

#1 1983-84 98.6in

#2 1981-82 95in (no wonder the early 80s were called the baby echo..... there was a lot of indoor time to fill)

#3 1950-51 88.9in

#4 2010-11 86.6in

#5 1916-17 84.8in

#6 1991-92 84.1in

#7 1961-62 81.3in

#8 1951-52 79.0in

#9 1966-67 78.4in

#10 2017-18 78.3in

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