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Marketing doesn't have  to feel like a chore...

let me show you how

What exactly is marketing consulting?

Being an entrepreneur is hard and often lonely work.  It's hard to stay inspired and get everything done.  

That's where I come in.

I work with small businesses to understand where they are now, where they want to be, and help them develop a pragmatic plan to get there.  I also can help develop all the materials they need to reach their goals.


When I started my business I purposefully wanted to address all of the things that annoyed me when I was on the client side.  This primarily consisted of  paying for a level of expertise that I didn't necessarily need, dealing with rigid project costs when I wanted to do some of the work on my own to save money, and being told I needed things that were unnecessary

The two things that set me apart are:


I charge by the hour instead of by the project so you only pay for what you need.

Each entrepreneur is in a different place in their business journey, and has a different budget so this allows me to customize the project just for them.  Some already have a robust email list and library of photos and videos, a stellar website, or are rockstars at social media and some are starting nearly from scratch.  This is why I offer a FREE 30 minute consult to get started so I can understand where your business is at, and if my skills can help you get where you want to go.  

I can be an all-in-one solution

I like to say I know a decent amount about a LOT of different things in the marketing world which means you can (but don't have to) work with one person instead of having a 5 different people helping you put together a cohesive marketing plan.  I have experience with photography, videography, web design, graphic design, social media strategy and advertising, and drip campaigns just to name a few.  With such a wide range of services I'll honestly admit I'm not an expert at any of them, but small businesses often don't need an expert in the area.  They need someone who has strong experience and is going to get sh*t done!


Do people easily understand what your business is all about and what sets you apart from everyone else?  If not you may want to go back to the marketing basics, and ensure you're building on a strong foundation.

I would love to sit down and help you take stock of where you're strong and weak and help you develop and execute a plan to tackle whatever we discover.


Today there are seemingly endless mediums you can leverage to tell your story to potential consumers, but do you have a clear idea of which ones you should use and what you should be saying?   If you need help prioritizing which mediums to use or developing the words or the visuals (photo or video) I would love to be your go to gal!


People shop with their eyes and creating a look that will attract your ideal customers is a must.  I can help leverage the visual assets (photo and video) you already have or develop new ones.  I can also help create a robust arsenal of sales materials to help you reach your most lofty growth goals.


Going at it alone can be overwhelming as an entrepreneur, and sometimes you just need a knowledgeable sounding board and brainstorming buddy to reignite your excitement (and help you execute all of the great ideas you co-create).


For years I've been daunted by the task of updating my website, even though I knew it desperately needed a face lift! Between having no extra time not a lot of money to spend on it and no real creative vision I sat with a site I wasn't happy with.


I put out an SOS on Nextdoor neighbor and had the great fortune of being connected with Karissa! Having someone local to work with that was not only affordable but also fun and easy to communicate with made the process almost effortless on my part! 


~ Magdalene, PBD Massage


My passion is helping businesses reach their full potential.  I like working 1:1 with entrepreneurs to understand their unique challenges, and work to overcome them together. 

I grew up in New Richmond Wisconsin and went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison (go Badgers!) where I majored in marketing and international business.


Since graduating I've worked for companies as large as Kraft Foods and as small as a 4 person travel start up and I've soaked up every bit of knowledge and experience I could along the way.  

In an effort to earn some extra money for traveling (a HUGE passion of mine) I discovered a love and talent for helping small businesses unveil themselves to the world.  I was able to use my hobbies of photography and videography along with my professional experience in marketing to offer all-in-one solutions to entrepreneurs.


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